Driveway Gates: The Perfect Finishing Touch

There are many ways to stylishly secure a home. A brick fence can make a lovely picturesque addition to any home. Some people prefer wooden fences. There is even love for the classic wrought iron fence. No matter how those fences are designed and implemented there is one finishing touch that can absolutely make or break the sense of style and security that fence will afford. That finishing touch is the driveway gate.


Driveway gates come in many different styles and materials. There are gates that automatically open. There are gates that rise like the ancient portcullis of a castle. There are even gates that swing open like a typical door. Most gateways of this type will be constructed as elaborate automatic affairs.

driveway gates

When constructing this sort of gate it is important to decide exactly what sense of style and emotional response you wish to create. The type of gate that you choose says a great deal about the dwellings and the owner beyond. For instance, a gateway with a rounded or arching top will grant a more formal appearance. This sort of gate seems professional, cool, distant, and commanding. This is the perfect type of entryway for a grand estate or themed residence. Tourist locations may be well-served with such a gateway. An entrance way created using a flat top or simpler design will be seen as more of an informal construct.


The typical materials used in the construction of driveway gates are wood or metal. These two material types are often used together to create a very sturdy entrance. Wood entrance doors can be very sturdy and durable. They will provide a rustic and unique look, but weather faster than metal gates. However, they can be made solid to provide privacy without increasing the cost by a great degree. Steel and wrought iron are the most popular metal materials. They are normally formed into grates or bars. Gates featuring bars will often be quite intricate and elaborate designs do to the strength that the material provides during construction. These types of gates are open to provide visibility and a classic appearance.


Should I choose Manual or Automatic Gates?

driveway gates

The truth is that driveway gates can be perfectly fine no matter which one of these types is chosen. The main reason to choose the far more expensive automatic system is to provide greater convenience. The gateway may be opened without exiting a vehicle and can be fastened with greater solidity than a manual gate. Many automatic gates slide sideways. Some double-gate systems will slide in both directions simultaneously. A manual gate must be opened by hand. This is inconvenient but it allows for a simpler, less expensive gateway entrance option. These types of gates will often push either inward or outward and provide a friendlier and comforting sensation.


The choice between a manual or automatic gate will come down to three main factors. These factors are budget, convenience, and style decisions. Manual gates are far less expensive when compared to automatic systems. Automated systems are more convenient. Style is a basic decision on how the gate will open. It is perfectly possible to create an automated swinging gateway. However, the increased expense versus simply manual motion will have to be something to consider. Ultimately, the decision comes down to a choice of style and the battle between convenience and budget.


How are the Gates Constructed?


There are two basic gate construction types used. These types are pre-fabricated and custom. A pre-fabricated gate comes made to order and it simply needs to be installed based on the parameters of the entrance. Custom gates require detailed planning to specify exactly what the gate will look like and be constructed from. Typically, metal gates will be open for visibility purposes while wooden gates will be solid for privacy purposes.


The gates will be attached to either posts or pillars normally. Some people like to place decorative lanterns or statues atop gate pillars. A fun little gargoyle duet guarding your home may provide a nice touch, especially for a black iron fence. The choice between the two types will basically be the decision between obvious and unobtrusive connections. No matter which version you choose a gated driveway will always be the best finishing touch for any or office.

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